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Exceptional Service.

Timely Medical Reviews.

Unbiased Arbitrations.

As the nation’s premier entity focused on Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR), FHAS is wholly invested in delivering fair outcomes through an efficient end-to-end system.

Our comprehensive approach ensures all parties involved receive impartial guidance and transparent resolutions in a timely manner.

Our Services

Medicaid and State Social Services Eligibility

Since 1996, FHAS has issued over 3.5 million adjudications involving social service benefits.

Independent Medical Claim and Bill Reviews

FHAS provides expertise in conducting URAC-certified Independent Review Organization (IRO) medical reviews and claim adjudications across all medical specialties.

Medicare Claims and Appeals Review

FHAS is one of the nation’s leading government contractors for Medicare Claims and appeals redeterminations.

Surprise Billing Dispute Resolution

FHAS is a certified Independent Dispute Resolution Entity (IDRE) under the No Surprises Act.

The FHAS Standard of Excellence

Consistently Delivering On-Time

Disputes are resolved promptly and efficiently within the regulated 30-day review period. Most importantly, we’ll use your time wisely to minimize disruptions for both providers and health plans.

Personalized Support

As the sole Independent Dispute Resolution Entity (IDRE) offering comprehensive client support, FHAS provides personalized, attentive guidance. We foster transparency through regular status updates and accommodate meetings with involved parties upon request, ensuring your unique needs are carefully addressed.

Expertise Across All Specialties

Our determinations are backed by a highly qualified and experienced panel of board-certified providers across all medical specialties. This diverse panel of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every case, ensuring comprehensive and well-informed decisions.

Unbiased Expertise, True Independence

Our team comprises professionals from healthcare providers and health plans, fostering unbiased expertise. FHAS is a conflict-free, independent entity focused on neutrality and delivering resolutions that uphold fairness and equity for all parties.

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Top News & Updates

May 16, 2024

Batching vs Bundling: Exploring Bundled vs Unbundled Claims

As billing disputes involving a single item or service are common, there are circumstances when an IDRE can review multiple items or services simultaneously to…
May 10, 2024

Steering Clear of Bias: Identifying IDRE Conflicts in IDR Conflict Resolution

For healthcare providers and payers working with independent dispute resolution entities (IDREs) under the No Surprises Act, the rules around what constitutes a conflict of…
May 9, 2024

Inside the Mind of an Arbitrator: Understanding Their Role and Decisions

What goes into an arbitration decision? This question is routinely asked of parties, Congress, federal agencies, and consumer advocate groups. This very question has been…
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FHAS Performance

FHAS has earned a growing reputation across the country for quality, consistency, and timely results while handling large case volumes. Our dedication to excellence is unwavering, backed by a team of experienced professionals committed to upholding the highest standards.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, insurance carrier, or stakeholder, you can trust FHAS to navigate complex disputes with integrity and expertise.

Your Trusted Partner in Independent Dispute Resolution

Choose FHAS as your trusted partner in Independent Dispute Resolution and experience the unparalleled service that has solidified our position as the nation’s leading IDR-focused entity in the federal marketplace.

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