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FHAS seeks the best medical professionals, attorneys, and experts. Our panel includes physicians throughout the United States, dentists, healthcare legal experts, non-physician practitioners, and support providers including Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and mental health professionals. FHAS performs in-house credentialing in compliance with URAC standards, which includes primary source verification of licensure and board certifications. FHAS maintains an active recruitment process to promptly respond to client needs.


As a URAC certified IRO, FHAS conducts peer reviews, health plan appeals, medical billing audits, legal disputes, coverage determinations, malpractice case reviews, and disability and workers compensation determinations.


FHAS conducts peer reviews to ensure services are in accordance with recognized standards of care. Customer service is critical; therefore, FHAS has created a streamlined, provider-centric process with little paperwork and more focus on actual decision making.


OIG Exclusions Program – The credentialing department conducts searches of the OIG Exclusion Program for all contracted Peer Reviewers. There is ongoing tracking and updating of expiration of licenses and board certifications.


Interested in Joining our Panel?

Click on the link below to submit our credentials and curriculum vitae.

Services provided in both standard and expedited time frames

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