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Janice Bohan is responsible for the operations of FHAS's enterprise, which includes contracts with multiple federal and state agencies, partnerships with commercial providers and health plans, the performance of over 200,000 medical and legal reviews annually, a robust team of physicians, attorneys, and related medical professionals, and maintaining 100% timeliness on all services.


As Chief Operations Officer, she oversees and directs the daily organizational operations, successfully managing over seven federal medical review contracts encompassing over one million total independent medical reviews. She is also responsible for the measurement and effectiveness of all internal and external processes. Under Ms. Bohan's leadership, FHAS maintains a 100% retention of all clients commencing services with FHAS. Coupling executive precision with a deft personal touch with staff, Ms. Bohan has developed efficiency programs and innovative personal productivity models that produced a 30% improvement in operating revenue.

In addition to her operational accomplishments, Ms. Bohan maintains a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) designation from the American Academy of Professional Coders. She is also a member of National Contract Management Association (NCMA). She is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. 

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