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As the No Surprises Act continues to evolve, our team goes to lengths to ensure you are kept informed of the changes and how they affect you and your organization’s claims. Our policy updates as well as our guides on how to start and best utilize the IDR process serve as an extension of our commitment to excellent service and transparency.

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Beckers Healthcare Podcast

Federal Hearings and Appeals Services (FHAS) stands at the forefront as a premier provider of Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) services. Jim Bobeck, Esquire, the CEO of FHAS, offers invaluable insights into his role, the company’s focus on IDR, and advice for leaders navigating complex dispute resolution processes.


FHAS Testifies Before Congress on the Implementation of the No Surprises Act

Recent court rulings have suspended the IDR process, causing a backlog. Bobeck urged immediately reopening the case filing portal to allow IDRE adjudication and finalize payments, as the public-private IDRE system is crucial for resolving billing disputes under the No Surprises Act.


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