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No Surprises Act

Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR)

As the leading IDRE with over 100,000 IDR Disputes closed, and counting, we pride ourselves on making the IDR process seamless for those who select to work with FHAS for their dispute resolution.

The Evolution of IDR

While federal No Surprise Billing Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) has only existed since 2022, IDR has undergone continual evolution and significant changes since its inception.

FHAS was one of the first Independent Dispute Resolution Entities (IDREs) certified and approved by the federal government, and our team has unparalleled expertise and historical knowledge to understand exactly how surprise billing disputes should be processed…. and how it will continue to evolve in the future.

As of December 15, 2023, recent changes to the IDR batching policies have made IDR more accessible for specialized healthcare providers and health plans to increase IDR’s cost-effectiveness and ease of use. This could potentially open the door for a wider range of claims to be resolved through IDR, significantly increasing the utilization of this dispute resolution method.

In addition to the increased accessibility of IDR for parties, the market is experiencing a surge in activity. October saw a record number of cases initiated, and a recent United States Congress House Ways and Means Hearing, at which FHAS testified, has demonstrated Congress’s long term commitment to the No Surprises Act’s success.
This growth in case filing options, coupled with faster processing times, is encouraging businesses to utilize IDR more as a means of claims resolution. With processing time being the most important criteria for many businesses, IDR’s growing efficiency is attracting a wider range of participants. Over the past year, FHAS has accelerated this efficiency by timely processing a high volume of disputes and issuing payment determinations.

Your Trusted Partner in Independent Dispute Resolution

Choose FHAS as your trusted partner in Independent Dispute Resolution and experience the unparalleled service that has solidified our position as the nation’s leading IDR-focused entity in the federal marketplace.

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