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9-20-23 Update: TMA III & IV Ruling – How to Proceed

By September 20, 2023March 13th, 2024No Comments

Fortunately, the entities were able to meet with CMS today and got an update on Phase 1 of getting the IDR process back to normal. CMS is expected to release all information regarding Phase 1 late tonight to tomorrow morning.

Phase 1 is expected to allow IDRE’s to resume processing all single and bundled disputes submitted on or before August 3rd, 2023. All parties affected by the hold will be given a 10-day extension to submit payment and offer. If you have an overwhelming number of disputes and 10-days is not enough time to submit all of your Notice of Offer forms, CMS has left it up to the entities to provide more time.

FHAS will send a document in the next Updated: TMA III & IV Ruling: How to Proceed for parties to fill out if an extension is needed, as well as, a more detailed update on what entities can/cannot do when CMS officially releases this news.

If you have questions feel free to reply to this email or call FHAS at (570) 779-5122 and ask for our IDR department. Thank you for your continued patience!

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