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9-28-23 Update: TMA III & IV Ruling – How To Proceed

By September 28, 2023March 15th, 2024No Comments

The entities had a meeting with CMS this morning and received the following updates:

  1. Issues with NOOF Links
    1. CMS is aware of a limited number of parties being unable to submit their offers through the links extended by CMS. If the issue persists, they recommend having a different user attempt to submit through the link. If the issue still persists (after multiple attempts) they recommend submitting an inquiry to
    2. Also ensure you are not attempting to submit for a batched dispute as there is still a hold on these disputes.
  2. Government Shutdown
    1. CMS confirmed that the government shutdown will not impact the CMS portal or IDRE operations.
  3. Disputes Where the Due Date Landed After August 3rd, and Before August 24th
    1. CMS confirmed that “all single and bundled disputes that had a Notice of Offer deadlines due between 8/4/2023 to 9/21/2023 and one or both parties have not submitted their Notice of Offer have received the 10-day extension”.
    2. No batched disputes were granted an extension as there is still a hold on these disputes.
  4. Offer Extension Request Form
    1. If you believe you will require an extension to submit your Notice of Offer Form, please fill out the attached document and reply back to this email. Our team will review and get back to you with an approval or rejection.

DO NOT send a list of dispute numbers preceded or followed by simply “we need an extension”. FHAS needs a reason for granting the extension; for example

  •  i. Volume of cases did not allow for time to submit all notice of offers timely.
  •  ii. We were affected by the initial links being inaccessible and it is now past our due date.
  • iii. I was not in the office for the majority of the 10 days and therefore did not have enough time to submit.

If you do not provide a reason – we will not provide the extension. The CMS portal requires a file to be uploaded to hold the entities accountable for the reason an extension is granted. FHAS intends to be very lenient with extensions since the process has been so hectic – but we can’t do anything if you give us nothing!

There are no other updates at this time.

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